Self-Help Resources

A series of animated videos (I made ’em myself! 🙂 ) with information and exercises, based on Choice Theory/Reality Therapy.

Enjoy!  And let me know if you find anything especially helpful. 🙂


Reality Therapy – RT for short


Part 1 – RT for Couples (1st Questions)

Part 2 – RT for Couples (Control, Total Behaviour, Quality World)

Part 3 – RT for Couples (Need Strength)

Part 4 – RT for Couples (7 Caring & 7 Deadly Habits)

Part 5 – RT for Couples (When Trust is Betrayed


Video #1 – RT for Teens (Hello!)

Video #2 – RT for Teens (What’s the Problem?)

Video #3 – RT for Teens (Dealing with Adults)

Video #4 – RT for Teens (Quality World)

Counselling Methods (BETR)

As much as possible, I believe in looking at the present and setting up a successful future.

Although our past struggles (and successes!) influence our current and future

  • decisions,
  • behaviour, and
  • feelings,

I believe we are all striving to meet our needs for love and belonging, freedom and choice, positive power/competence, and fun, in the best ways we know how.

BETR (Balance, EMDR, Talking, RealityTherapy) combines mind-body modalities, like Balance Board, Mindfulness and Eye Movement Desensitization Retraining, with more traditional psychological methods to explore (Reality Therapy) and strengthen:

  • what is helpful versus what is coping,
  • the power of our thoughts,
  • self-regulation & the mind-body connection,
  • intimate, connected, loving relationships of all sorts.

Accepting the challenge to be gentle with ourselves, and look at how we might better meet our primary needs, can be frightening, confusing, and even exciting.  A therapeutic relationship with someone who supports you to:

  • take appropriate risks,
  • reminds you that it is okay to make mistakes,
  • helps keep you motivated, and
  • listens deeply, …. really makes a difference.

You are the expert on you.  I am the expert on some theories and practices others find helpful or liberating.  Together, we should be able to imagine some kind of better – and make progress toward it!  🙂

Workshops & Training

  • Restitution-Choice Theory
  • Reality Therapy
  • Parenting Support
  • Couples and Family Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Cultural Differences, including as relevant to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Humanistic Psychology, including Person-Centred, Existential, Gestalt, Self-Actualization, and Individual Psychology
  • Conflict Resolution for Children
  • Dealing with Bullying & Assessing Violence Potential
  • Attachment Theory
  • Working with Children Who Have Experienced Trauma
  • Addictions Counselling
  • Children & Anxiety
  • Group Counselling
  • Health & Wellness Counselling
  • Somatic Experience Counselling
  • Public Speaking & Presentations
  • ADHD, FASD, and Conduct Disorder
  • Structure of Intellect (SOI), including metholds for resolving learning disabilities
  • Sensory Integration Programming
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Expressive Play Therapy
  • Psycho-drama & Action Methods
  • Systematic Training for Effective Parenting & Teaching