Resistance is Futile

School Starts September 4

Resistance is Futile

This is the sign outside a high school in a neighbouring community. I, of course, said, “Yes, but denial is fabulous.” Got a lot of agreement on that.

Reality is I love September and going back to school. It’s one of the reasons teaching seemed like a good idea – the year begins in September. Just like it always has from the time I was 5 years old. I guess I like a few ruts in my life.

As I said to a colleague: I love chaos, very comfortable with lots of crazy activity, as long as there is a very strong, very tight, very box within which the chaos is happening. The box is the rut and the chaos is all the crazy new stuff for a new fun, improved, effective school year.

I am stressed. Yes I am. I am excited. Yes. And, while I don’t want to miss the beginning of September and the beginning of school I would be happy to add another week to August.

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