Y’know how I’ve been absent for a while. I’ll spare you the confessions but I’m beginning to feel little surges of energy returning. This is coincident with an exciting virtual book tour that makes it stop at this here, little website on Friday, August 10th, 2012.

Hopefully, you’ll come on down and meet Joel D. Canfield – regularly contributor in the comments and regular contributor in my brain. He’s written another book. Ho hum.

He and I talk about him like this: He may have taken a knock to the noggin in his leap off the hedonic treadmill, but Joel D Canfield still manages to string sentences together most days. Although he pays the bills as a web developer (self-employed, no less) he’s managed to write and self-publish his 10th book, released this month. Its cheeky title is You Don’t Want a Job and he believes every word of it.

I’m not sure I do. You’ll have to tune in on Friday to get a front row seat at the fisticuffs where I try to duke it out with Joel and then decide we better all read his book instead of relying on the title and the heft of the thing to be all we got on our side.

(When Friday comes this link will work:


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  • I’ll get in a quick jab while I’m still standing: I notice a period after my middle initial in paragraph two . . .

  • Ah, yes, I did that differently in the virtual book tour so I will have to give you a win on Round 1. Although, we might ask the question – does a person without a job need to lose their periods? Oh my! That was accidental, the part that is clearly inappropriate, but I will just have to leave it.

    Maybe that gives you a win in Round 2 since I am so unclassy?

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