Guest Joel is wrong

Guest Joel  (he hardly looks insane or wrong, right?) is wrong. Only his arguments are so cleverly wrought it is possible that I may be simply my usual obstreperous self and looking for ways to prove my guest wrong. Which is hardly hospitable, but there ya go.

Joel will tell you some compelling arguments about why you/me/we [...]


I can’t believe it! I’m all exciting about Joel D Canfield coming here on his virtual book tour tomorrow.

Of course he should. His book is all about “imagining better” – what with his utopian world of non-jobs and all.

Here’s the kicker, though. I’ve read his script for his visit – and I’m still excited! Hope you [...]


Y’know how I’ve been absent for a while. I’ll spare you the confessions but I’m beginning to feel little surges of energy returning. This is coincident with an exciting virtual book tour that makes it stop at this here, little website on Friday, August 10th, 2012.

Hopefully, you’ll come on down and meet Joel D. Canfield – [...]

Losing It

Losing it

Yes, me, Ms. Together, loses it from time to time to time. What? You’ve never considered me Ms. Together? Okay, then, read or not, you already guessed all this about me.

My “togetherness” has been hard-won. Years of counselling, years of fighting with a series of long-term partners who inevitably tell you the truth about yourself. [...]


Share this Job

I read an article about why women can’t have it all. It makes sense and is something I’ve been saying for years: If you are going to have children, they absolutely have to be the priority in your life. The article was speaking specifically to highly educated, seriously ambitious women. I’m talking to you [...]

Sex Dance

Sex Dance

Not in a relationship and deciding between somewhat casual sex and celibacy?

My current sense of some of what I’m messing about with is that there may be a third option, something between celibate and sexually active. For example, if Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce were not currently sexually active no one would call them celibate. No [...]

Conscious Age

Aging Consciously

This is kind of for Joel, ’cause he and I are so bloody aware of the things that go on for ourselves … and others – if we turn our attention to their situation – but the situations of others rarely cause the same kind of angst as the things that visit us personally. Like [...]

Hard Puppies

I have 2 dogs sleeping upside down in my kitchen. One is 2 months old. The other is 10 months old. Looks like they will be the best of friends.

It is so hard to have a baby. I can no longer remember exactly how hard, but I can get glimpses from 30 years ago. Only 22 [...]

Bully Hate

Accidental bullying?

You know why I am very, very, very much against this message?

Because the girl you called a slut may not be a virgin. She may be sleeping with a lot of people. It is her business, not yours. Stop judging. Not because maybe she did “nothing wrong” but because it is her life, not [...]

Double Block

A Rationale for Double Blocks

I haven’t been posting much. Lots of reasons, of course. But for 3+ years I posted faithfully on my stated schedule. Why the sudden silence? Upon reflection, some of it is because it is difficult to write about what I want to write about.

My passion is my work as a school teacher [...]

The Skinny

The Skinny

I'm the blonde!

Well, the last time anyone would call me skinny I was probably 10 years old. Hard to remember back so far into the mists of time. But I have liked the adjectives coming my way over the past 6 months: svelte, slim, fabulous.

I started admitting, in December, that it was hard keeping [...]

Dear Brodie

Dear Brodie

Yes, I have two dogs and, although Chaz has hogged the spotlight with his little puppy introduction to our abode, Brodie has been in my life for 14.5 years. It’s time for a letter to my sweet little man dog.

Dear Brodie,

Thank-you for patiently accepting Chaz into our home and not taking too long to fall [...]