Can’t imagine better

Can’t Imagine Better

Tea, book, and Haagen Dazs in the shade on the deck. Mmmmmhmm.

Just got back from a week in the Okanagan.  Not sure I can imagine better.  Family, dogs, sun, water, friends, Haagen Dazs, peaches….

VIDEO!!  Three Mile Beach 2013  by Ian Walker, video genius and fab husband! (The link doesn’t work on phones and tablets, like iPads because the song has a copyright situation that isn’t a problem on the computer because the song name appears in the credits – and the advertisers can advertise.)

Watch it, you’ll feel like you had a little holiday for yourself.

Now, forward to September and a second Master’s degree (Counselling Psychology) and another year of teaching wonder.

:-) Caitlyn

Burlesque Dog

Why a photo of me and Chaz, yesterday? Because we danced on stage together in the Silhouesque Sophistique show. Chaz is 21 months old. Still a baby dog in many ways. Certainly not sufficiently trained to be taking our show on the road. Not really. Not yet. But, heck, we were practicing, we had choreography; I [...]


New dance style. Inclusive, fabulous, and I want more!

We had a launch party-show. I was wonderful. Chaz was more wonderful. Here’s our picture.

Me and Chaz. Vera Yuen took [...]


Master of the Universe. Master of my own domain. Master of Education. And, in 2.5 years, all things going well: Master of Counselling Psychology. (Okay, maybe the first one is a bit of [...]

Need stuff

Need money, really, for kids.

Asking for donations but also telling a story about the brain. Today, I sat in on my colleague’s brain science class. We learned about teenage brains. Since most of the audience owned one much of what she had to say was lost – but I was listening and learning. And, I even [...]


Time to let you in on some of my thoughts. Only some of them, mind you. Quite a few of them in the past week have been about snot and, trust me, you just don’t care. You’ve been there, done that.

What you may not have done is decide to go to Mexico over the winter school [...]

Ramblings – not mine

Ramblings in Ireland
- a Book Tour by the inimitable Kerry Dwyer

Kerry Dwyer is an expat Brit who lives in France with her French husband and her daughter. After taking her husband on a walking holiday in Ireland she wrote the book ‘Ramblings In Ireland’ which tells the story of this holiday and the memories and musings [...]


Cleverness Spectrum Disorder

Granted, I am submerged beneath a pile of standardized labelling forms. “Does the child feel hurt when criticized?” Answer on a scale from 0 to 3. Um, yes, every human who is even a teeny bit emotionally healthy feels hurt when criticized. What? “Does the child light fires when he’s not supposed to?” Like [...]

Resistance is Futile

School Starts September 4

Resistance is Futile

This is the sign outside a high school in a neighbouring community. I, of course, said, “Yes, but denial is fabulous.” Got a lot of agreement on that.

Reality is I love September and going back to school. It’s one of the reasons teaching seemed like a good idea – the year [...]

Guest Joel is wrong

Guest Joel  (he hardly looks insane or wrong, right?) is wrong. Only his arguments are so cleverly wrought it is possible that I may be simply my usual obstreperous self and looking for ways to prove my guest wrong. Which is hardly hospitable, but there ya go.

Joel will tell you some compelling arguments about why you/me/we [...]


I can’t believe it! I’m all exciting about Joel D Canfield coming here on his virtual book tour tomorrow.

Of course he should. His book is all about “imagining better” – what with his utopian world of non-jobs and all.

Here’s the kicker, though. I’ve read his script for his visit – and I’m still excited! Hope you [...]


Y’know how I’ve been absent for a while. I’ll spare you the confessions but I’m beginning to feel little surges of energy returning. This is coincident with an exciting virtual book tour that makes it stop at this here, little website on Friday, August 10th, 2012.

Hopefully, you’ll come on down and meet Joel D. Canfield – [...]